Symantec netbackup руководство администратора

symantec netbackup руководство администратора
NetBackup software first came into existence when the Chrysler Corporation contracted with Control Data Corporation to create a piece of backup software in 1987. Control Data named the product BackupPlus 1.0 in 1993, the same year in which OpenVision Technologies acquired the product. Select the products that you want to add to this schedule and then click Add. In the «Available Components» box, click the component you want to add, and then click Add. Or, click Add All to add all of the product components to the schedule. Status Enabled or Disabled Description Enter a description for this schedule. In the «Select Products» box, click Add. Symantec engineers did additional reviews, and will continue on-going review of related functionality to further enhance overall security of the Veritas Enterprise Administrator service (vxsvc) and to eliminate any additional potential concerns. These overflows are caused by failure to properly validate incoming data. If successful, an attacker could potentially leverage these issues to execute arbitrary code with administrative privileges on the targeted system.

Keep all operating systems and applications updated with the latest vendor patches. Click the component name and click Add. Or select all components by clicking Add All. In the «Distribute Content To» box, select the distribution center type, Testing, Production, or both. Today, NetBackup offers a variety of features which are designed to speed backup and recovery and integrate backup with additional processes. Four years later, in 1997, Veritas acquired OpenVision Technologies and the NetBackup product line. In 2004, Symantec acquired Veritas and NetBackup became a Symantec product.

Optional configurations: Configure Source Servers: By default, updates are downloaded from one of the LiveUpdate servers. Related Articles Article Languages Attachment Products Subscribe to Article Search Survey Your feedback has been submitted successfully! This list of products and components is compared with the updates in the Manage Updates folder. Select the name of the product that you want to add from the list. Sorry, we couldn’t post your feedback right now, please try again later.

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