Webasto air top 5000 12v diesel инструкция подключения

webasto air top 5000 12v diesel инструкция подключения
The Webasto installation, thermal insulation & Maxxair Fan are the key elements to make our DIY camper van conversion comfortable during winter. The flame status is monitored by the flame sensor whenever the heater is operating. The heaters operate independently of the engine and are connected to the fuel tank and the electrical system of the vehicle. Теперь и такие машины являются «потребителями» новых отопителей. Sure Marine Service, Inc. 5320 28th Ave NW Seattle , WA , 98107 (206)784-9903 Powered by Network Solutions Online Store. Insert fuse again after more than 2 seconds.

Видимо блок управления думает что охлажд. жидкость горячая и после продувки вырубает вебасту. The heater requires no servicing.However, it should be checked at regular intervals, at the latest at start of the heating period (the time after which the heater will be used due to adverse weather conditions) by Webasto-trained personnel. This saves the setting. NOTE The heater will now run in normal mode again and can be switched off as normal using the control element.

Dirty, blocked air lines can cause the heater to shut down due to overheating. The «General safety regulations» that go beyond the scope of the above regulations are stated below. Parts of the exhaust system situated directly below the fuel tank (diesel) shall have a clearance of at least 100 mm or be protected by a thermal shield. 3.1.2. The combustion heater shall be switched on manually. Drive unit 2.2 Heat exchanger The heat generated by the combustion process is transferred to the air transported by the combustion and hot air blowers in the heat exchanger. Glow plug / Flame monitor 2.6 Overheating sensor The overheating sensor measures the temperatures in the rib area of the heat exchanger whenever the heater is operating. Жидкостные автономные, предпусковые отопители-подогреватели, нагревающие охлаждающую жидкость, обеспечивают стабильный запуск двигателя и прогрев салона до плюсовых температур, помогают отогреть лобовое стекло.

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