Whmcs email шаблоны

whmcs email шаблоны
The PHP Mail function uses the servers «mail» function which is not always reliable, nor does it generate a friendly error. Disable Enduser Operations Admin can disable some of the options related to Virtualizor Client operations from WHMCS Enduser panel. Available addons include configuration of software, customization of the template & scripts. Then click on Create a new Group Now, click on the Add New Configurable Option button. A new window will open.

Mass Mailing The Mass Mail Tool allows the sending of an email message to a group of clients ranging from every client on file to those who meet specific criteria. To use the tool navigate to Clients > Mass Mail Tool. Builder scopeMaster (Builder $query) Retrieve «master» mail templates. A master mail template is a mail template with no defined language. Clients who choose that language will now receive the translated emails. Carbon $createdAt $updatedAt Methods summary Return Type Method Name Description __toString() Represent a mail template by its name.

You can do that by following these steps: Edit the email template you wish to disable Check the Disable tickbox in the fields at the top of the page Save your changes to the email That email will now not send until re-enabled. Automatic Mail In version 5.0 and later, emails can be sent automatically to your clients when certain events and/or criteria are met using the Email Marketer tool. Social integration — Social networks are vital to your business, we’ve integrated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly in this email template to help you gain followers. Contact Us Today * The support for responsive functionality varies between email readers, it’ll work on smart phones such as the iPhone but it’s limited by the lack of support by older email readers such as Outlook.

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