Green dvr-04 инструкция

Failure to do so could result in fire or electric shock. Do not drop the apparatus (for example by putting it in a place where it may fall) or subject it to impact. Characters such as 0~9, a~z, and A~Z can be used. Press the PRE-CH button to return to the previous channel.

Step 4) If still no power, then go to website for the RMA Request Form. Then, enter the three-digit code.The remote may attempt to pair with other compatible receivers within 50 feet. Unpair and re-pair the remote and receiver for RF operation. When you press the (Fast Rewind) or (Pause) button, the time shift will be start. 6.5 InstantRecording You can record a program using the built-in hard disk drive without an external media device. Step 8) Connect the power cable to the DVR. Step 9) Power on the DVR. Step 10) If still beeping, then go to the website for the RMA Request Form The DVR doesn’t detect the HDD anymore. Copy To copy the file to built-in HDD or USB memory.
End To set the time the reserved recording ends. If end time is passed, the reserved recording will stop. 3. Press the Red button to save. You can check the reserved recording list by using the «PVR» > “Reservation”menu. You will then have access to the respective scrambled and Pay-Per-View services provided. Disposal old electrical & electronic equipment (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems) This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Cancel To cancel playback. 3. Press the / button to select“Begin”or“Continue”and press the press the OK button.

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